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Islamia oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka Bangladesh

Islam Oxygen Cylinder is an ideal product for home use. Its current price is Taka. 11000. Offer price is Taka. 9000. Free home delivery in Dhaka Bangladesh. So why delay and call now


Islamia oxygen cylinder price in Dhaka Bangladesh



Islam Oxygen is an oxygen manufacturing company in Bangladesh with its own oxygen cylinder, which is second in quality in Bangladesh. Price-wise there is no alternative to Islam Oxygen. You can feel free to purchase it, or rent it for home use.

Description of Islam Oxygen Cylinder:

The height of the Islam oxygen cylinder is 36 inches and the oxygen capacity is 1.36 cubic meters i.e. 1360 liters.
Islam Oxygen Cylinder Full Setup 9,000 Taka

Islam Oxygen Cylinder Details:

Height: 3 feet
Weight: (12-13) kg.
Color: Black and White.
Size: medium and standard.
Pressure: 2000 (±100) Psi
Cylinder Capacity: 1.36 cubic meters. (1,360 liters)
Backup time: Using 2-liters per minute, you get 10 hours.

1. Oxygen cylinder
2. Flow meter
3. Nasal canal.
4. Oxygen mask.
5. Moving trolley.
6. Free home delivery in Dhaka Bangladesh.
7 Payment after payment

The practice of collecting the price with the delivery of goods
Cash deliver


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