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Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder price in Dhaka BD

linde medical oxygen cylinders are available for sale and rent in Bangladesh. Oxygen cylinder sales, rental and refill facilities are available in Dhaka Bangladesh. Linde oxygen cylinder is 3 feet tall and weighs 14 kg. It comes in black and white colors and has a medium and standard size. For the use of pressure 2000+ Psi and backup time of 2-liters per minute, you will get 12 hours.


Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder price in Dhaka BD



Different types of oxygen cylinders are available in Bangladesh. Some popular brands include Linde, China Medical and Islam Oxygen. Details of different brands of oxygen cylinders available in Bangladesh

Oxygen cylinders are generally available in Bangladesh between Tk 18,000 to Tk 26,544. This is Linde Bangladesh company’s oxygen cylinder.
Moreover, Islam and China oxygen cylinders can be found within 6,000 to 12,000.

Linde is a well-known global company that manufactures and supplies industrial and medical gases, including oxygen. Linde oxygen cylinders are widely used and available in Bangladesh through authorized dealers and suppliers. Standard size height (36 inches) Linde Bangladesh oxygen cylinders for use in conventional homes in Bangladesh can compress or hold up to 1.4 cubic meters i.e. 1400 liters of oxygen. Linde oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh is different and best based on capacity, quality and features and Linde offers a range of oxygen cylinders including portable and stationary cylinders.

An oxygen cylinder made by Linde costs between Rs 18,500 and Rs 26,544, while China and Islam oxygen cylinders cost between Rs 6,000 and Rs 12,000.

Linde Oxygen Cylinder details:

Height: 3 feet
Weight: 14 KG.
Color: black and white.
Size: Medium and standard.
Presser: 2000+ Psi
Cylinder Capacity: 1.4 Cubic Meter.(1,400 Liter)
Backup time: per minute of 2-liter use, you will get 12 hours.

1. Oxygen Cylinder
2. Flow meter
3. Nasal Canal.
4. Oxygen Mask.
5. Moving Trolley.
6. Free home delivery in Dhaka Bangladesh.
7. Cash on delivery


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